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Department of Commerce: motor vehicles and parts to express price

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  According to the "draft", China will encourage the development of sharing, saving car sales and customer service service network, vigorously strengthen the new energy automobile sales and customer service service system.
  At the same time, "the draft" also provides, the dealer shall operate in the field so the appropriate form explicit sold cars, auto parts and other commodity prices and the service fees shall not be in the price increase sales or charge extra fees. 
  According to the Ministry of Commerce, China new energy vehicles have achieved rapid development in 2015, the sales situation is good.
  Expert analysis, at present China's new energy auto sales situation better, on the one hand is the government measures to force. Recently, the central and local governments introduced the purchase of new energy vehicles are exempt from tax a series of preferential policies; on the other hand is the progress of technology and facilities.


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