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Homogeneous parts: old barriers to collapse of the new monopoly will appear?

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  Homogeneous parts ", the official record issued by the Ministry of transportation and other ten ministries in September 2014" on the automotive repair industry to promote transformation and upgrading guidance "to improve the quality of service in the.
Prior to this, does not seem to have the names, "Deputy plant parts but is automobile maintenance industry and auto parts industry is more familiar with the vocabulary. 
  In fact, when the Deputy plant parts is the basic of homogeneous parts, but at that time we all understand "homogeneous" means, but few people like that. The corresponding is the original pieces.
  The so-called homogeneous parts, namely the quality quite fitting, is refers to the parts must be in quality can be matched with the original factory parts standard, must be in material, structure, manufacture and performance standards, such as with the original factory parts quality comparable to, or even higher, and should meet the requirements of China's relevant laws and regulations and standards.
  Homogeneous parts can really achieve homogeneous or higher quality difficult?
In September 2014, the homogeneous parts of this called Fafu introduced, immediately caused experts questioned. Experts have made it clear that the homogeneous parts are not possible, because of differences in manufacturing level of each enterprise is very big. The experts suggested that the homogeneous parts than to "equivalent parts", that is to achieve the same function parts.
  In this regard, first proposed the concept of "homogeneous parts of China's Automobile Maintenance Industry Association auto repair parts working committee of the Secretary General long with Wei Wei did not agree, he explained that in foreign countries" quality "parts of the definition is the fitting must be in quality can be with car use or have used the standard accessories to match, that spare parts must be in the material, structure, manufacture and performance standards and original pieces quality comparable to or higher.


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