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Auto parts enterprises need to break the monopoly channels

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  Previously, "China Auto News" continuously published exclusive coverage of the country or the legislative break auto parts channel monopoly and tracking reports, which referred to the experts called for by legislation requirements auto makers public vehicle maintenance technical information, prohibit car manufacturers limited parts manufacturers to the independent aftermarket sales of spare parts, prohibit car manufacturers to limit accessories manufacturers in their products on logo. At the same time, redefine the Deputy plant parts, called the customer service or quality is quite fitting. Experts called for attention by many auto parts enterprises, many auto parts enterprises responsible person calls for more details. This is good! You can advertise some media, promote the establishing and implementing legislation as soon as possible? In March 19th, a large auto parts sales company general manager Zhang call the reporter says, he is on business relationship maintenance vehicle factory. As a total as expect these measures as soon as possible in a few parts of the enterprise legislation.
  - restricted protocols harm
  With China's auto sales growth gradually slowed down, a large number of auto parts enterprises have the ability to provide more high quality beauty accessories for the auto parts market, however, OEMs restrictions enable auto parts enterprises powerful difficult.
  A number of auto parts enterprises responsible person told the reporter, OEM auto parts enterprises independent sales of auto parts and components products limit, only through OEM sales channels to do OEM and with host plant into the 4S shop and designated service station. This is clear in both the supply agreement in calibration.
This limitation brings great influence to the industry. Don't limit parts enterprises independent sales of products, and promote the maintenance of information disclosure, the market would not be so messy, not so much monopoly! An auto parts enterprises responsible person said. 


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