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The car special parts cleaning and maintenance tips fine cleaning

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  With the increase in the speed of car into the family car, how to maintenance has become one of the most concerned about the topic. In addition to regular maintenance to do regular maintenance, for some small local maintenance is also worthy of attention, because of the local maintenance and care for the same relationship your driving comfort and safety.
  The dashboard needs careful cleaning
  The inside of the car is one of the important parts of the dashboard, clean it directly affects the effect of driving people's health and the passengers on the overall internal environment of the car visual experience. The dashboard has complicated structure and more difficult to clean the corners. You pay little attention to the dashboard will find, only with a cloth and sponge to clean the site clean rarely, some Gou Gou kankam still need "special tool".
  With a variety of different thickness of wood, or ruler tablets, the its head repaired oblique triangular, rectangular or pointed, different style, and then use a clean cloth wrapped, cleaning the Gou Gou kankam ideal, however the, both to improve cleaning effect, and will not damage the cleaned parts.
Washing the carpet by skill
  Car which is the most easy to dirty place is carpet, if with a brush head of vacuum cleaner for cleaning processing, you can make a dirty carpet looks not so dirty. For more dirty carpet, can use special detergent. General used detergent to dust, and then sprayed the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, finally with a clean cloth excess detergent wipe, can make after washing the carpet is clean and just the same as before so soft.
  Need to pay attention to is that carpet don't completely into the water immersion cleaning, on the one hand will damage inside the carpet several layers of different material bonding, on the other hand will make the carpet in a long period of time can not be dry and the effect caused by car in the wet.


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