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Quick maintenance and repair method of automobile

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  Dress up the car mostly from scratch to feet to it for a bright clothes, car hub like "shoe", the perfect vehicle styling, if with a pair of very general "shoe", then the overall image will be greatly reduced, so equipped car must not ignore the hub. The hub appearance gives the visual impression is the first, it is this seemingly casual place is just perfect with the quality of owners.
  When the wheel surface is difficult to remove the stains, to choose a professional cleaning agent, the cleaning agent can effectively remove stains gently, to reduce Aluminum Alloy surface damage. In addition, the hub itself has a layer of metal protective film, so when cleaning should pay special attention to do not use paint brightener or other abrasive materials. In the process of driving should be careful to avoid scratch to wheel caused by "Yingshang". Once you have scratches or deformation, should as soon as possible the of repair and re paint processing. 
  To avoid this phenomenon, the car in the new time to diligent wash rim, every day driving a vehicle at least once a week to wash a rim, first washed with water wet, and then clean agent to sponge scrub, and then a lot of water flushing. 
  If the car had been traveling for a period of time, usually do not diligent cleaning and maintenance, rim has been formed a layer of stiff deep coffee color coke, it would have to use more powerful wheel cleaner.
  Cleanout should have patience and sprayed with special cleaning agent, must wait for a while to let the solvent softening coking, again with a sponge or cloth brush off, then as rinse with water.


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