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Challenges and opportunities facing the FAW car

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  According to FAW car recently released the first half performance report, 1st half of the year, FAW car sales revenue compared to last year decrease over the same period 13.39%, belonging to the shareholders of listed companies net profit compared to last year decrease over the same period 48%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non often gain and loss of net profit a year earlier to reduce 51.75%. And released from the FAW car first half sales data, the first half of this year, FAW car sales of all models all decline, half of total sales of only 121 thousand vehicles, down 11.6%. Among them, 10% decline in car sales fell 12.4% year-on-year, SUV, MPV sales fell 61.4%.
  For the decline in the first half of the performance, FAW car gives reason is: domestic auto industry sales growth has slowed down, the major automobile production enterprises to increase new product launch, the price war as one falls, the mainstream models transaction prices dropping rapidly, increasing competition in the industry, enterprise business environment is becoming more and more serious; and some industry insiders see rule is passenger car sales slowing external situation and development strategy of FAW car failure.
  But in my opinion, the FAW car performance decline of the situation, the main reason is that the macro environment, but also for its own. Early in May 2013, I wrote "put in front of FAW car Tiecheng three big difficult problems" in an article, had pointed out that pendulum at the time just took over the general manager of FAW car Tiecheng before there are three major problems: one is authorized under the development mode of FAW Pentium difficult to completely get rid of Mazda constraints, and the second is FAW Mazda models of domestic rate is too low, affect the market competitiveness and profit. The third one is the FAW Europe Lang product and brand positioning has obvious difference.
  But time has passed more than two years, and now we look back at the FAW car the problem seems to have not yet been solved effectively. And don't talk about the Pentium brand before protects the standard is a industry controversial move, only from the two and a half years FAW Pentium brand and Oulang brand are not a new product onto the market can see the FAW independent research and development ability weak, for a car company, two and a half years of time not to launch a new product and for automobile market the competition is so fierce in the unthinkable. Bluntly speaking, FAW Pentium brand of the licensing model, although it can achieve its sales in the initial jump fast, but will due to itself by the Licensor constraints or FAW car "etc., rely on, to" "bad habits", and appears to lack of stamina. As the Pentium brand positioning more than Eleganza, the situation is even more without words.


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