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Customer service service to do not need more intensive and meticulous farming

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  Beijing Asian Sports Village automobile trading market deputy general manager Yan Jinghui said, the luxury car brand so active layout of customer service market, the most important reason, of course is the luxury car customer service service profit more. Although under the high pressure anti monopoly "part of the luxury car brands have lowered the cost of maintenance, but its customer service service profit compared to other popular brands are still very impressive. In the sales profit more and more thin, customer service service will undoubtedly become another profit point.
  Secondly, the current automotive Service Corporation O2O and the gradual rise of the maintenance of chain stores is the impact of the brand 4S stores the living space, the customer loss 4S shop increasingly has become an indisputable fact. In this case, J.D.Power vice president of China automotive retail consulting Zhang Weichang believes that the luxury car brand to give full play to their own advantages to retain customers. "Consumers in the purchase of luxury cars, not simply buy traffic tools, but its symbol as personal achievement and status. For luxury car owners, have high expectations of after-sales service, but also hope that get refined services and after-sales service of a sense of honor, and luxury car companies and dealers in the after-sales service have very solid accumulation, these are other maintenance chain stores, such as difficult to compare. " Zhang Weichang said.
  Therefore, Wei Chang Zhang said, with respect to the Volkswagen brand, luxury car brand is the impact of relative to some small. Therefore it is necessary to seize the after-sales service this opportunity, in sales growth slowed in the, to leave no stone unturned to existing customers in the 4S shop, and through the personalized service to enhance the, meticulous, high-tech and a sense of honor etc. to enhance the luxury car owners of after-sales service satisfaction.
  In Zhang Weichang's view, the future importance of customer service service may override on new car sales. "From the development of the automobile market, customer service service will become a vital link in the chain of automobile industry, it will become an important medium for maintaining long-term car prices and dealers and customers. In the automotive market is relatively mature, car prices and dealers from previous sales thinking transfer to sales and service and thinking, and from the pursuit of new car sales to the pursuit of customer loyalty in transition. In the process of transition to a mature market, luxury car brand will be at the forefront of the." Zhang Weichang said.


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