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The most important is the auto electric parts data"

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  The government put forward many for auto parts market policy, the opening of the data of vehicle maintenance and repair become the symbol of the development of the industry breakthrough. After the maintenance of open data, big data more dimensions formed by the amalgamation of can let the whole car market to form a whole, to break the monopoly of the industry caused by asymmetric information barriers.
  Each link in a large data base, the whole industry chain on the repair, maintenance and other businesses can more attention with their own industry, need data as long as with specialized data businesses can butt, so the industry as a whole do light, automotive after market competing generation thus began.
  From the industrial chain, the current Chinese vehicle service market can be divided into seven basic categories: including maintenance, maintenance, modification, second-hand car, car accessories, and related business such as finance and insurance. These seven categories can actually do a subdivision, such as maintenance including washing, hairdressing, oil and parts replacement services.
Seven kinds of automobile service can be divided into three types: car services, car network related, and tools for the community, many businesses in the automotive service is by weight to the light changes, from the beginning of the industrial chain of low layer to the middle layer is excessive, do service car service providers, service providers. This kind of business whether it is to do platform or do vertical service, in terms of information in the transition to the "big data".
  As businesses are found after sales service market competition is not the number of maintenance personnel, the need is for the adaptation of the original factory parts, accessories brand, working hours, maintenance information data, for example, matching the customer models such as oil filter and the door, original filter is very expensive, general o2o company use Mann, Cayman card of any filter for the client models?? this requires database used to do the match support. In data acquisition, data accumulation businesses can obtain information through more channels, not to cooperate with the professional database of enterprises will be accumulated. The whole industry chain services for large data have severe demand.


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