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The design and manufacture of automotive engine

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  Because of the voice of the environmental protection is more and more high, in many countries and regions, the government formulated the strict environmental protection laws and regulations, the of automobile engine design and manufacturing technology produced a great impact, coupled with automobile engine technological progress requirements, launched oil specification development changes with each new day. The quality of the international development trend of engine oil for lubricating oil requirements continue to increase, the rapid development of engine oil specification.
  At present, the world formed in the United States and Japan on behalf of another AC international lubricating oil standard of and Accreditation Committee and Europe the European Automobile Manufacturers Association Organization, each set up engine oil specifications and requirements of the test method, and have different emphases. The development of this kind of specification of a global leader in lubricating oil, they can move toward unified concern for the oil field.
  Difference between gasoline engine oil development impetus of development of gasoline engine oil in the United States and Europe gasoline engine oil is mainly the requirements of saving natural resources and protecting the environment, so automobile fuel saving performance is still an important issue. However, the United States and Europe in promoting saving adopted different policies.
  American policy is to develop vendors average fuel economy such as light trucks and vans with fuel consumption regulations limit the maximum value for each more than a per car fine of $50. This approach directly bring pressure to the car manufacturers. And European oil saving policies is to charge the fuel consumption tax, such as France gasoline tax for Germany for seven British for and the United States for the high consumption tax directly to the owners bring great burden, indirect pressure is transmitted to the automobile manufacturers. Has a great influence on the lubricating oil development policies. Due to different emphasis, different trends in Europe and the United states. Europe pay more attention to the oil change period, continue to extend the period of oil.


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