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Ningbo will build a direct supply of accessories Center: To explore a new model of accessories business

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  Recently, Ningbo City Road Transport Management Bureau said, Ningbo will build repair parts direct supply center, parts prices fell about 30-40%, and the quality is repair parts traceability system and insurance companies, such as multiple protection, let you affordable and be assured.
  At present, due to the original factory parts supply is dominated by the automobile manufacturers, the price is high, resulting in the original factory parts a hard to find, vice factory homogeneous parts but nobody cares about the phenomenon. Ningbo is in East China's largest auto parts manufacturing base, according to industry sources, except the supply to the automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers and 40% of the parts nowhere can sell, resulting in excess capacity.
  A party to suffer from bricks without straw, a party needs to solve the inventory problem, in support of the transportation department of Ningbo, Ningbo City, motor vehicle repair industry association and the Ningbo City Auto Parts Industry Association jointly explore and launched the "Ningbo automobile spare parts supplying project", to respond positively 10 ministries documents and eight ministries documents, is expected to break the monopoly of the auto parts market.
  It is understood that the project will supply through the Internet platform, accessories of motor vehicle maintenance from the manufacturer directly through the cloud platform will be transported to the front parts maintenance enterprises, reduce intermediate links. In this way, not only can make repairs cheaper parts using the link will also can be traced back to ensure parts quality.
  That in the end what parts have obvious price advantage. According to reports, on the platform "on-line" auto parts, in Ningbo area of the production of homogeneous parts mainly (homogeneous parts, is refers to the quality is not lower than the original loading accessories after-sales parts), supplemented by neighboring regions in the production of products, import original accessories and other products.
  After the formal operation platform, to provide early consumable parts, such as brake pads, then will gradually transition to cover the overhaul and accidents etc. the whole car products.


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